How “Craigslist Wisconsin” is Monitored?

By JamesNavarro

Lost Dogs of Craigslist Wisconsin offers a variety of tools to help you locate your missing dog. One of these tools is the group of Craigslist Monitors. We know that Craigslist is much more than just a site where you can find information about upcoming garage sales or great deals on an item. It’s also an important website for reuniting pet owners with their lost pets. Our Craigslist Monitors have been a great help to Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.

Craigslist Wisconsin Monitors is a dedicated group that works hard to return lost dogs home to their owners. They monitor each of the twelve craigslist redding in Wisconsin and review them all daily. Our Monitors will send out our flyer detailing five things to do if someone posts information about a lost dog or found dog on any of the twelve Craigslist locations.

Our Monitors immediately notify the person who reported the dog as lost on Craigslist Wisconsin. They also send links to LDW’s website and Facebook pages. The person is also provided with a detailed Action plan by our Monitors so that they can begin looking for their dog. The person is also required to complete a Lost Dog Report by our Monitors.

Our monitors go the extra mile to post lost dog flyers on craigslist tulsa at the closest location to the town or city where the dog was reported missing. Here’s a current lost dog ad

Our Monitors instantly send individual links to LDW’s website and Facebook pages when someone posts a story about finding a dog. Monitors will also send a link to LDW’s 2011/2012 Still missing Album Craigslist Wisconsin, so that the person can check if the dog they have found matches any other dogs in the collection. Our Monitors will have the person complete a Found Dog Report.

Monitors also look at images of lost or found dogs to determine if they match any other posts on Craigslist. If a Monitor matches a lost post to a found one, or vice-versa, the Monitor immediately alerts one our Caseworkers.

We at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin wouldn’t be as successful without our Craigslist Wisconsin monitors. We would like to thank each individual who has volunteered to be a Craigslist Monitor for Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.

  • We are grateful to Chris B., Barb. M., Julie L., Karla L., and Kim V.
  • Wisconsin Woman Discovers craigslist omaha Dirty Little Secrets
  • Nancy Oliver from Onalaska wanted her china hutch to go so she decided to try Craigslist.

Nancy said, “We put it up on Craiglist for $250.” “And so, this gentleman had emailed me and expressed interest in it,” Nancy said.

He didn’t want anyone to know where he was from Craigslist Wisconsin

Oliver stated, “A big red flag. But then when he claimed he was going send a cashier’s check, come certified mail. Those are all things you think will be good.”

Nancy received an express package with the promised check the next day. She only requested $250 for the old box, but they sent a check for $1,530.

“Why would someone send that much money?” He wanted me to cash the check and take $250 for myself to buy the china cabinet. Nancy said that I should cash the check and call the movers to send the money. They were going to pick up the china cabinet. However, I have doubts about their intentions.”

“We believe that overpayment is fraud. Mary Isaacs, the Chief Financial Officer at Altra Federal Credit Union, stated that it is important to never send money back.

Altra has actually seen this type of fraud via Craigslist transactions. It even has a fraud division dedicated to looking into these bad checks so that their customers don’t get taken.”

“It looks authentic to me, and I can see the printing on the back. Nancy said, “I just thought it was an excellent check.”

“This type of paper is used in many fraudulent checks,” said our fraud team. This one would be suspicious for this reason alone. Isaacs said that this mark should disappear if you blow on or heat it.”

Nancy believed that a cashier’s cheque made her buyer appear legitimate, even though she was wrong. Fraud experts claim that this is no longer the case.

“A cashier’s check, many people believe they are as good as gold, but we know that they can be altered and stolen so they’re not always as good. We also say that Western Union is not a good option to send money. I mean, they are a great company but on the other side, scammers love anonymity.

Your safety is also at risk. Communities like Holmen recently established “Safe Zones” that allow people to safely exchange information.

You’ll see many different stories about items on craigslist bellingham that people have sold, including those that were committed by someone trying to rip off you or an extreme case. It’s a safe location, it’s well lit and we have a security camera. We hope it helps people feel secure and protected,” stated Shane Collins, Holmen Police Chief.

Nancy was able to find a buyer for the hutch in the end. She said she is glad to have the new cabinet. “But if it happens again I’m going to make sure it’s cash and local.”

Isaacs also wanted to emphasize the importance of not disclosing personal information to anyone you are selling or buying from, such as bank account numbers.