Raj and Paul Arise ultimate at Jaguars Badminton Tourney

By JamesNavarro

JEDDADH: Only because the Jaguars Badminton Open up Tournament inaugurated using a bang, the championship matches along with also awarding ceremonies of this championship culminated into deafening bursts of balloons and roaring cheers of players and audiences who witnessed the last afternoon of this episode in the Olympia Sports middle.

Multi-titled along with top-seeded Vinu Raj and also Arun Paul of all Avocado Badminton Club again awakened to quash the feisty Problem set up from Mitchi Cruz (MBA) and Jun Cabradilla (Smaikers New-gen ) to bag the tournament crown at the Men’s Doubles Flight Champ Division.

Final Effects: Champions along with also Runnersup from the guys’s Branch (Flight champ): Vinu Raj/Arun Paul of both Avocado (Champion) and Mitchi Cruz/Jun Cabradilla (MBA/Smaikers new-gen ) (2nd area ); submersible 1: Rajeev Methayil/Mohamed Rafiq of both JBC (Champion) along with Jordan Damian/Manuel Cunan (2nd spot ); submersible 2: Jordan Damian/Manuel Cunan of enjoyable (Champion) and also M.Darwish/N.Brey of impartial (2nd Position ); submersible 3: Pam Daksla/Ryan dela Cruz of all Desert Falcons (Champion) along with also Mike Manibo/Mohammad Dayeh of all both Fleeq (2nd Position ); Flight 4: Boyet Omar Cajade/Ryan dela Cruz of all Desert Falcons (Champion) and also Irfan Khan/Ericksson Sam Son of Smash Arabia/KINC (2nd spot ); Flight 5: Mark Gil Pangilinan/Dennis Mendoza of KINC (Champion) and also Ernest Pertierra/Bon Arcibal of KINC (2nd Position ); along with Flight 6: Mario Ricaferte/Anesh Khan of DesertFalcons/Faisalliance (Champion) and also Marvin Castro/Derek Gangano of both FBB (2nd Position ); At the adult men’s 45+ Division (Flight 4): Roland Santos/Taj Rizvie of both Smash Arabia (Champion) along with also Boyet Omar Cajade/Noel Ramos of Desert Falcons/Smash Arabia and also (2nd Position ); along with Flight 5: Dennis Misolas/Earl Horlador of Slashers (Champion) and also Wilson Maata/Jeames Argonza of both Smash Arabia (2nd Position ).

From the women Section (Flight 3): Sarah Villar/Khyle Acosta of both Fleeq (Champion) along with Shirley De-la Rosa/Carmi Hadjiri of KBC (2nd Location ); Flight 4: Emma De-la Vega/Danielle Ann Eugenio of FBB (Champion) along with Jocelyn Cabradilla/Angela Louise Atis of Smaikers New Gen/MBA (2nd Location ); Flight 5: Jasmin Ching/Shiela Cortez of both KBC (Champion) and also La-la Ducusin/Fhe Ramos of Smash Arabia (2nd Location ); along with Flight 6: Farhana Matanog/Carla Ocena of both KBC (Champion) and also Ruvi Azumbrado/Linda Galila of both Jaunty (2nd Spot ).

Mixed branch (Flight 2): Mohamed Darwish/Khyle Acosta of both Independent/Fleeq (Champion) along with Nasser Lagindab/Sarah Villar of both Fleeq/MBC (2nd Location ); submersible 3: Dajo Cabradilla/Jocelyn Cabradilla of MBA/Smaikers New-gen (Champion) along with Mark Villanueva/Mitch Jereza of both Smash Arabia (2nd Location ); Flight 4: Dennis Marbeda/Angela Louse Atis of MBA/Jeddah Badminton (Champion) and also Benjie Tambio/Ma. Christina Aguda of Slashers (2nd area ); Flight 5: Dennis Mendoza/Jasmin Ching of both KBC/KINC (Champion) and Musa Butt/Geraldine Pecson of both Smash Arabia (2nd Location ); along with Flight 6: Rex Puno/Farhana Matanog of PHOG/KBC (Champion) and also Derek Gangano/Sarah Gangano of both FBB (2nd Spot ).

All winners received trophies, money prizes and Sarawat super-stores supermarket coupons.

Fortunate raffle winners obtained bailout Products From championship patrons like supermarket coupons out of Sarawat super-stores, wall sockets along with car emergency flash-lights out of Mobil, wall sockets, mini trucks, java cups, pencil holders, pencils and keychains out of Alesayi Motors, freight vouchers from Skyfreight and dinner coupons from McDonalds.

Inside his closing championship speech, Jaguars Club Chairman along with Tournament Director Gerry Rabang Specially thanked All of the patrons, specifically, Sarawat Super-stores, Alesayi Motors, Bupa Arabia, Solafah Al Sharq Trading Firm, Ltd, McDonalds, APSCO (Exxon-mobil ), Skyfreight along with New Cabalen Cafe. Official championship marshals, GANAP Guardians, and tournament directors, Pinoy Tambayan, ended up similarly resisted due fame.

Rabang voiced his appreciation and admiration Into the Chairpersons of most participating nightclubs, particularly, Avocado, Battledores, Beaufort, Desert Falcons, e lite B-C, Faisalliance, FLEEQ, FBB, Hataw, IBC, Indian Tigers, Jaunty, JBC, Jeddah Green, KAIA, KINC, Malabar, MBA, MBC, Pak Tigers, PBB, PHOG, Pak Tigers, Red Sea Dragons, Shuttle Eagles, Slashers, Smaikers new-gen, Smash Arabia, enjoyment Badminton Club in your Eastern location plus a few impartial gamers.