Tips for Successful Golf Gambling

By JamesNavarro

Golf gambling offers several opportunities for those who wish to maximize their odds of success.

With the potential legalization of sports betting in the near future, how will this impact golf? First and foremost, golfers will have more access to wager on their favorite players or those whose game fits with the course they’re playing that week. Reading an athletic book while enjoying golf could introduce new people to the game and expand its appeal even further. Are you new to golf or want to learn more about it? Here are some simple tips that can help get started:

Before You Place a Bet Take into Account the Odds

Take an eye to the odds before placing any bets.

Though this should be an automated process, evaluating payouts and odds can be a useful way to decide whether or not to bet. If you know that a player who was less likely to win than the tournament’s favorites going into the week is performing well, be aware of potential gains. When betting on a tournament I always look at “sweet spots” of 20-1 to 50-1 odd odds; their chances for success may be lower, but their payouts are much greater than betting on the favorite.

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There’s More to Win Than Just the Winner

Many new golfers are unaware that you can place bets on things other than just picking the winner of a tournament. You could, for instance, select the lowest score among three players during Friday and Thursday rounds. Betting on this is a lot of fun; all you have to do is place one bet on the score that is lowest from three participants. If one player seems to be having an excellent start in tournaments, you might just be able to pick their spot against two other players in their groups. Many players opt to focus on prop bets. Betting on holes in one, double eagle, playoffs and more offers an exciting way to be part of the action without having to choose who wins.

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Do Your Homework

Simply picking your favorite golfers may not be enough. You need to consider how they’re performing prior to the week; did they participate in this particular event before? How did they do then? Having this knowledge before hand gives you the best chance at selecting individuals with great potential.

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Always Be Responsible

With over 100 golfers competing each week, it can be challenging to predict the most favorable outcomes in any event. If you plan on placing bets on golf, remember that one shot could alter the outcome of a tournament and course conditions due to weather or other external circumstances. When making sports bets, remember your limits and only wager what you are willing to risk.