Benefits of “Hockey Stretches”

By JamesNavarro

Regular hockey stretching should be done before and after each practice session and game. You can improve your speed, agility, and puck handling skills by following a good hockey stretching program. Stretching increases flexibility in the hips, quads, and hamstrings which will improve your skating speed. Stretching can help goalkeepers stretch further. Regular hockey stretching can prevent injuries. Even the simplest hockey stretches can make you feel more comfortable.

These are the 3 Best Hockey Stretches

Stretching is a great technique to improve athletic performance, prevent injury and heal injuries from Box Hockey sports. Do not make the mistake of believing that stretching is too simple to be effective.

These are just three of the most effective hockey stretches. There are many more, but these are a good place to start. Take special note of each stretch’s instructions. If you have joint or muscle pain or chronic pain, please consult your doctor before you begin any of these stretches.

Instructions: Slowly, move into the stretch position until there is a tension of approximately 7/10. If you feel discomfort or pain, you have pushed the stretch too far. You can immediately return to the original position. For 20-30 seconds, hold the stretch position while you relax and breathe deeply. If necessary, come out of the stretch and do the same thing on the other side. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times.

Reaching the Lateral Side and Lower Back Stretch: Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, slowly bend to the side so that your hand touches the top of the head. Do not lean forward.

Kneeling Hip and Quad Stretch: Stand on one leg and kneel on the other. To keep your balance, grab something and push your hips forward.

Kneeling Heel Down Calf and Achilles Stretch: Place your weight above your knees and place one foot on the ground. Lean forward while keeping your heel on the ground.

You want more stretches?

These are great tips, but you will get much more from adding the right stretches into your training program. The Ultimate Guide to Stretching and Flexibility will help you…

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