How to Play “Box Hockey” Game Rules?

By JamesNavarro

Video games have become a part of our modern lives. Video games have replaced the old-fashioned, real-life games where we could laugh with our friends and have fun without having to stare at the computer all day. If you want to take your kids away from computer, but don’t have a foosball machine, the Box Hockey game is a great option.

Box hockey is an active and fun game that you may not have heard of. Hockey requires quick reflexes and logic.

Although the origin of the Racing Lagoon game is unknown, it is often mentioned in the 19th century. This suggests that the game has been around longer. It is quite remarkable that a game can be found here so long. It has more history than many popular sports. Despite its declining popularity in recent decades, it’s still worth trying. It can be very entertaining.

Box hockey is often played outside, but backyard box hockey isn’t the only type of hockey. We’ll see why later. Don’t worry if the weather isn’t your concern. There is a solution.

Box Hockey Dimensions

The so-called “rink” has two dimensions. The traditional one is used to follow the rules. The modern version is used to follow the latest rules.

Traditional ones measure 5ft in length and 2ft in width. They can reach 4ft high. It measures 150cm in length, 61cm in width, and 10cm tall. It’s shaped like an envelope and divided by dividers into four fields. The sides and bottom are usually made of plywood. The dividers have holes that measure 1 inch high and 2 inches wide. This is 2.5cm high and 5.1cm wide. The middle divider has two holes. On the other dividers there is only one center hole. These holes are the same size as the holes on the middle divider.

Hockey Rules

Box hockey can be classified as a hand sport. Box hockey is very energetic and requires quick reflexes. Expect to sweat after just a few rounds. The game is played between two people using sticks and a hockey stick. There is also a box, as the name suggests. This would be your playing area or rink. You can divide the box with dividers to create four fields within it. Each divider is slightly larger than a hockey puck and has a hole so it can pass through when it’s hit. Because they are the most effective tools to manipulate a puck, hockey sticks are often shorter.