By JamesNavarro

We have just launched a new tool, Puma Sports Bra finder, to assist women in finding the right bra for their needs. It can be used for long distance running, yoga, and even turning on the treadmill.

The Puma Sports bra Finder appears automatically when you visit the bra section of our online store. It allows the customer to choose from a variety of products depending on the type of exercise they are doing, from high impact to low impact.

It is important to choose the right bra for your workout. This is to avoid bounce. High impact bras, for example, are great for running, boot camp, and volleyball. Medium to low impact bras are suitable Mad Dash Racing for yoga, barre, Pilates, and even everyday wear.

This is not all that matters when selecting the right bra. Denise Smith, Head of Design for Running/Training Apparel, says that there are other factors to consider when selecting the right bra. High impact bras include built-in functional features such as power mesh to provide support and breathability, stabilizers that reduce bounce, adjustability, and cups for added comfort and support.

Our PWRSHAPE bra is an example. It offers all the above but doesn’t compromise on style. Amy Wadcan, Women’s Training’s designer, created the PWRSHAPE bra. She introduced a new silhouette inspired by a bandeau. Denise said that she also showed the power mesh on the outside, to show its functionality in a fashion-forward way.”

Yogini Puma Sports Bras, which are low impact bras, have thinner straps, removable cups, and are often lighter than others. Heike Zenkel, Teamhead Content Management Global e-Commerce loves the Yogini Live’s straps. They give the athletic back a feminine touch. She was responsible for the launch of the Bra Finder online at PUMA.com as well as its distribution to different regions.

Heike stated that the bra finder has many uses. It allows site visitors to engage with our products, making the selection process easier and more enjoyable. You get what you want, which reduces the return rate.

The Bra Finder will be available on Puma Sports Bra in Europe, Japan, and Russia first. In the U.S., we currently use a visual filter with the same idea.

Puma Sports Bras can be particularly difficult for women. A poorly fitting Puma Sports Bra can make your workouts shorter and more intense, as well as cause minor problems like chaffing. According to recent research, women with larger breasts are less likely to exercise and may feel less physically active.